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Yxlon inspection

X-ray systems for universal deployment in 2D and CT inspection

The system design of X-ray systems from YXLON for universal deployment in 2D and CT inspection reflects how customers’ needs are enacted consistently.
  • Y.Cheetah-X-ray-inspection

    Y.Cheetah - Experience the brilliance!

    The microfocus X-ray system Y.Cheetah has been developed to meet a variety of inspection requirements. The performance and efficiency delivered by this system remains unparalleled in manual and automatic X-ray inspection.
  • Y.Cougar---FeinFocus-X-ray-system-for-2D-and-3D

    The microfocus X-ray system Y.Cougar distinguishes itself through its compact design and therefore requires only little space. It is ideally suited for the inspection of smaller parts (17” x 21”).

    The experience gained from over 2,500 FeinFocus systems installed worldwide was taken into consideration during the development of this compact, versatile microfocus X-ray system.
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