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VT-S720 Post Reflow (Inline)

  • Next-Generation 3D Model Processing
  • High-speed, High-Definition Color Camera
  • Telecentric Camera Lens
  • Multi-Angled, Oblique Cameras    
  • User-Friendly Software and Touch-Screen Interface
  • Programming Software for Quick and Easy Offline Program Creation
  • IPC Compliant Program Settings
  • Real-Time Process Monitoring 
  • Repair Station Functionality
  • Data Analysis and Quality Control Software Tools
  • Omron's World Class Service and Support

The VT-S720 confirms Omron’s industrial leading position with over 7500 machines installed.

With the VT-S720, Omron has developed the next generation of high performance AOI machines, giving unprecedented inspection capability based on a brand new concept for 3D Solder Joint inspection.

Omron has always been a technological leader in AOI using for 30 years real color image processing that even today, provides unsurpassed inspection capability. In addition the new advanced software platform makes programming very fast and simple. The considerably reduced time for program creation and optimization makes production start-up of a new product much faster meeting the current manufacturing needs.

To allow full performance of the S720 platform, Omron have developed an impressive Process Improvement Tool called Q-upNavi. The expert system Q-upNavi provides integrated software tools for the monitoring and improvement of each stage of the manufacturing process including solder paste  screen printing, placement, reflow, post solder inspection and X-ray. This module allows complete analysis of the flow of information relevant to the real faults immediately and continuously identifying the real source and therefore enabling targeted intervention.

The simplicity of the system gives means that it can be used without the need for specialist engineers.

With the VT-S720, Omron targets the automotive market through its high performance and high speed inspection, but it also meets the needs of all applications requiring very high quality or high speed inspection.

Using the VP6000-V (Solder Paste Inspection), VT-S500 (Pre & Post Reflow Inspection), VT-S720 (Post reflow inspection) and VT-X700 (Post reflow, X-Ray Inspection True 3D CT), Omron offers a complete range of highest quality inspection machines for each stage of the manufacturing process.