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Speedprint Technology

Speedprint Technology became a division of the Blakell Europlacer Group of companies in September 1998. Formerly known as PKT Ltd, the company had previously manufactured SMT stencil printers under licence for MPM and SMTech.

Blakell was founded in 1964 by Pat Kellard and the Group remains privately held to this day. Blakell entered the PCB industry as far back as 1970 when the company introduced semi-automatic light guided assembly systems for throughole PCB assembly.

In 1991 Blakell acquired the France based pick and place manufacturer Europlacer Industries. By 1994 the Group, renamed as Blakell Europlacer Limited, had become firmly established as a leading global supplier of production automation for both conventional and SMT assembly.

When the possibility to acquire Speedprint arose it was seized as a golden opportunity to expand the Group's capability to supply a broader range of SMT automation. The company had by this time established subsidiary offices in Europe, Asia and North America and had a global sales and service infrastructure that was well placed to launch Speedprint equipment alongside the Europlacer range.

Following the acquisition and re-establishment of Speedprint, the group formed a new engineering team, many of which had years of experience with locally based printer manufacturers including DEK and SMTech, to develop and enhance the company's portfolio of products.

In keeping with the ethos of the Blakell Group's desire to offer flexible and innovative solutions to the market, Speedprint is committed to delivering affordable leading edge stencil printing technology. The realisation of this ambition is clearly illustrated by the company's flagship avi range of fully automatic inline printers.

Today Speedprint operates from a hi-tech 18,000 sq. feet facility based in Poole, in the southern United Kingdom.

Speedprint Technology Limited Registered In United Kingdom No. 03462781

  • SpeedPrint-SP210avi-23"-inline-stencil-printer
    Whilst bringing a fresh new look to the smt screen printer SP210avi the printer still retains it's reputation as the smallest printer in the market with the highest level of capability and quality. In addition, the new model marks the introduction of Speedprint's new User Interface 3Dc.
  • SpeedPrint-SP700avi-inline-smt-screen-printer
    The SP700avi smt screen printer combines Speedprints commitment to high performance and reliability with outstanding value. The system has been designed to cope with the rigors of high volume SMT production whilst incorporating the flexibility needed in high-mix, quick product set-up & changeover environments.
  • SpeedPrint-SP710avi-inline-screen-printer
    The SP700avi smt screen printer equipment becomes the SP710avi when it is equipped with the Automatic Dispense unit (ADu).The Dual Syringe, Automatic Dispense unit (ADu) allows users to eliminate additional capital outlay by integrating this functionally into the printer.
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