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SpeedPrint SP710avi inline screen printer

  • High Precision Axes
    • Precision Linear Rail and Belt Drive provides accuracy and reliability
  • 1 Micron resolution Linear Encoders
    • on all axes for optimum positional accuracy
  • Twin Roving Cameras
    • highly accurate and robust Vision Platform
  • SmartCal
    • cost free immediate Process calibration
  • Precision Mono-fabrication
    • precision engineered base structure
  • Distributed Control Network
    • localised axis control reduces cables and increases reliability
  • User interface
    • the simplest and most intuitive of User Interfaces
  • Paste on Stencil inspection
    • providing feedback & set up of paste replenishment, a unique feature within the Avi range
  • Fully automatic Conveyor Adjustment
    • ease and flexibility to manage a large range of board sizes
  • Programmable Vacuum Stencil Cleaner
    • highly efficient wet and dry stencil cleaning system
  • Closed Loop Dual Squeegee control
    • provides full control of the Print process
  • Auto Stencil Load and eject
    • improved speed and ease of product changeover
  • Modular Conveyor
    • Quick Changeover to Snugger Option

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The SP700avi smt screen printer equipment becomes the SP710avi when it is equipped with the Automatic Dispense unit (ADu).The Dual Syringe, Automatic Dispense unit (ADu) allows users to eliminate additional capital outlay by integrating this functionally into the printer.

The ADu defines flexibility from its ease of programming through to calibration and cleaning. Utilizing the PCB Gerber file, an operator can simply drag any region of interest to automatically program volume deposits of paste or glue. There is no need to spend time on each deposit site adjusting to optimize the volume, point and drag. ADu also provides the ability to have Heated Dispense modules to ensure consistent process control of the dispensing medium.

ADu will automatically calibrate the nozzle tip length, eliminating any operator errors. Additionally, the unit can automatically map the height of the substrate, meaning that any substrate warpage is identified and appropriate adjustments are applied to ensure an optimized deposit. With 1 micron solid state linear encoders, SP710avi’s accuracy is second to none. The ADu can be fitted with any combination of paste and glue modules, each one utilizing precision steel augers to provide maximum control and lifespan.