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Ever-increasing miniaturization of components and unsteady PCB layouts complicate visual inspection. The requirement for short cycle times may result in defects being overlooked or a request for several manual inspection places.

Partnering with IVT Industrial Vision Technologies GmbH, a pioneer in the field of automated optical inspection, SEHO offers inspection systems which control your printed circuit boards reliably and quickly for possible placement and soldering defects: Quality Enhancement by Process Optimization!
  • seho-ViComp

    Efficient Process Control

    Due to increasing miniaturization of components and unsteady board layouts visual control has become a complicated issue.
  • seho-ViproInline

    Maximum Quality Control for the THT Production

    The inspection system ViproInline stands for the fast, automated, optical inspection of printed circuit boards. It flexibly can be integrated into a fully automated production line after the wave or selective soldering process for detection of soldering and placement faults.
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