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OMRON inspection

  • 3D-In-line-Paste-Inspection-System-(Inline)

    The new VP6000-V can complete the loop 3D inspection of your process with the opportunity to correct the excesses of your screen printing process.

    The unique 3D process for the acquisition and measurement of screen printed volume guarantees reliability and repeatability of high quality. The choice of resolution for the purpose or not standards is done by software, and thus give a more accurate measurement is set as desired. The GUI and very sharp statistical analysis allow rapid and targeted improvement process. SPC station is now widely recognized as one of the most advanced Analysis software of the market giving all necessary data for the best process control and Traceability
  • VT-S500-Post-Reflow-(Inline)

    The VT-S500 is Omron's solution to providing next-generation

    3D inspection capability at minimal cost. With revolutionary 3D image processing, the VT-S500 accurately analyses the topographical features of solder fillets to ensure PCB quality and reliability. This 3D technology is capable of performing solder inspections that mimic IPC guidelines more closely than ever before.
  • VT-S720-Post-Reflow-(Inline)

    The VT-S720 confirms Omron’s industrial leading position with over 7500 machines installed.

    With the VT-S720, Omron has developed the next generation of high performance AOI machines, giving unprecedented inspection capability based on a brand new concept for 3D Solder Joint inspection.
  • VT-S730-Post-Reflow

    You can now certify your SMT production with full IPC standard compliance using Omron’s new 3D-SJI technology

    We are proud to announce the launch of our latest advanced technology in Post Reflow AOI system to complete the existing "VT-S Series": The VT-S730.
  • Automated-In-line-X-Ray-Inspection-System

    In-line X-Ray Inspection System

    The Omron VT-X700 is the perfect solution to manufacturers desiring high-speed, in-line, automated X-Ray inspection on PCBs containing components such as BGAs or CSPs with hidden solder joints. Traditional AOI technology is incapable of inspecting these types of components but the VT-X700 uses revolutionary, high-precision, X-ray, CT imaging to perform precise and reliable analysis of these hidden areas.
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