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Nordson Asymtek dispensing

Fluid Dispensing Systems

Nordson ASYMTEK offers automated fluid dispensing systems to meet a wide variety of production requirements.
  • DispenseMate-Benchtop-Dispensing-System-D-583/D-585

    The DispenseMate® Series brings new dispensing power to a compact package. In a benchtop format, many of today's advanced automated dispensing features are available. Two models are offered with different work envelopes. The 583 model range of motion is 325 x 325 mm, and the 585 model is 525 x 525 mm.

  • Nordson Asymtek Quantum® Series In-Line, Large-Format Fluid Dispensing

    The next level of refinement, the Quantum® Q-6800 Series automated dispensing system delivers versatility, productivity and value.

    The Quantum® Series is Nordson ASYMTEK’s latest high-productivity, large-format dispensing system.
  • Nordson Asymtek S-822 Precision Stand Alone Semiconductor

    The Spectrum™ S-822 Series system is designed for production of semiconductor and electronics packaging processes, such as chip scale package (CSP) underfill, cavity fill, die attach, and encapsulation.

    The S-822 is a standalone system with dual-shuttle stages to increase the productivity achieved in such proc
  • Nordson Asymtek S-820-C Cleanroom Precision Batch

    The Spectrum™ S-820-C Class 100 Cleanroom dispenser is specifically designed for applications that are sensitive to contamination by submicronsized particles.

    The system provides advanced dispensing process capability, and is ideal for labs, batch production, and new product development
  • Nordson Asymtek S-810 Precision Batch Dispensing

    The Spectrum™ S-810 Series system is designed for batch production of advanced dispensing applications that do not require substrate heat, such as SMA, silver epoxy, solder paste, and corner- and edge-bonding.

    The S-810 provides advanced dispensing process capability in an affordable package, and is ideal for labs, batch production, and new product development.
  • Nordson Asymtek S2-910C Series Scalable Dispensers

    The Spectrum™ II S2-910 series fluid dispensers continue Nordson ASYMTEK’s tradition of providing high value products to meet customers’ assembly and packaging requirements in both today’s packages as well as future developments.

    The S2-910 is ideal for dispensing applications that do not require heat, such as surface mount adhesive (SMA), silver epoxy, solder paste, and edge- and corner-bonding applications. The redesigned motion system delivers improved wet dispense accuracy and repeatability with single or dual valves and high-precision Z-axis control; enabling dispensing in applications previously impossible with older models.
  • Nordson Asymtek S2-920C Series Cleanroom Dispensers

    The scalable Spectrum™ II S2-920C Cleanroom series is specifically designed for Class 100 environments and for applications that are sensitive to contamination by submicron-sized particles, such as wafer-level packaging.

    The S2-920C features a redesigned motion system that is essential to achieving the highest precision accuracy in X, Y and Z axes, enabling you to shrink your package keep-out-zones (KOZs).
  • Nordson Asymtek S2-930 Series Vented Dispensers

    S2-930 Series Vented Dispensers for Jetting Selective Flux and Precision Coating

    The vented Spectrum™ II S2-930 inline dispensing system provides exceptional accuracy and reliability for selectively jetting low-viscosity flux (and some high-tack fluxes) and other precise coating materials.
  • Nordson Asymtek S2-920 Series Scalable Dispensers

    S2-920 Series Scalable Dispensers for Underfill Dispensing and Microelectronics Packaging

    The Spectrum™ II S2-920 series fluid dispensers feature integrated, closed-loop process controls to ensure consistent, high production yield for the most challenging underfill applications.
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