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KE-3020V flex placer, Flexline Premium Plus Series

  • Placement head
    multi-nozzle laser head (6 nozzles)
  • Placement rate (max.)
    18,500 cph laser centering (IPC 9850)
    9,000 cph vision centering with MNVC (optional)
  • Component range
    01005 - 33 x 33 mm
  • Component height (max.)
    12 mm
  • Placement accuracy
    ±50 μm (Cpk ≥ 1) laser centering
    ±40 μm (Cpk ≥ 1) vision centering with MNVC
  • Board dimension (max.)
    610 x 560m
  • Feeder Soaces (max.)
    160 (electronic 8mm double tape feeders)

The KE-3010 is JUKI's latest leading-edge technology for improved flexibility and production quality

It supports both electronic and mechanical tape feeders and can handle boards up to 610 x 560 mm. With its multi-nozzle (six nozzles) laser head, the KE-3010 can achieve a rated IPC9850 speed of 18,500 cph and is capable of a component placement range from 01005 to 33 x 33 mm.

Feeder Compatibility
The KE-3010 is compatible with mechanical and electronic feeders. Mechanical and electronic feeder trolleys are completely interchangeable allowing companies with previous generations of mechanical feeders to continue to get the most from their investment.