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Essemtec Pick & Place

Essemtec - Be more flexible
  • Cobra-High-Speed-Pick-and-Place

    The Future in SMT Assembly

    Leading edge engineering technology, the most feeders per sqm in the marketplace, intelligent feeders and setup concepts, the largest board sizes together with the most compact system sizes and the software based on "eez technology" ensure highly efficient and economical SMD manufacturing for service providers and in-house production.
  • EXPERT-SMD-Pick-and-Place

    Manual/Semiautomatic SMT Pick-and-Place

    The EXPERT placement system is designed for rapid prototyping and small batch manufacturing. The integrated dispensing system and hot air soldering tool make this machine a complete production center in one single unit.
  • Hydra-3D-MID-Dispensing-&-Placing-System

    Hydra is the first standard machine for dispensing and assembling in 3D

    The Hydra features an inline conveyor system and quick changeover, making it capable of series production as well as small series and sample manufacturing with low manufacturing cost.
  • Essemtec-Lynx-Highly-Flexible-and-Accurate Pick-and-Place-System

    Highly Flexible and Accurate Pick-and-Place System

    Lynx is the next-generation Essemtec machine based on the consistent further development and experience of the well-proven, highly successful FLX platform.
  • MPL3100/3200-BGA-And-QFP-Placer

    Manual/semiautomatic placer specialized for CSP, BGA and QFP placement

    Vision with split optic enables picture overlay of board and component for easy alignment. Motorized axis for automatic placement.
  • PANTERA-X-Highly-Flexible-SMD-Pick-and-Place,-Eco-Version

    Highly flexible SMD pick-and-place machine with high feeder capacity

    Available with vision for fine pitch IC and BGA placement, as well as inline-model (Pantera XVC). Ideal for small and medium enterprises
  • Paraquda-High-Speed-Pick-and-Place

    Multifunctional SMT Center – One Machine Platform for All Tasks

    The Paraquda combines three different production steps within one machine platform (solder paste jetting and/or glue jetting and SMD assembly). With this unique combination, the multifunctional center allows an unprecedented flexibility in the market.
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