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Galden® LS/HS is a line of fully fluorinated fluids specifically designed for the Vapor Phase Soldering process. The narrow molecular weight distribution as well as the very strong carbon-fluorine bond and the flexible ether link provide the properties which make Galden® LS/HS ideal for use in VPS.
Features and Benefits
Wide choice of grades with different boiling point
Widest operating temperature range to optimize VPS process
Narrow molecular weight distribution
Maximum process stability and repeatibility
No boiling point drift
Low heat of vaporization
Vapor density greater than air
Rapid and residue free drying
Pre-heating and heating processes take place in an inert atmosphere
Excellent thermal and chemical stability
Good compatibility with materials
No corrosion or reaction with materials of construction
No formation of decomposition residues
No flash or fire points
No auto ignition point
No explosion hazards
Enhanced safety
Safe to use at high temperature
Lead Free and Vapor Phase Soldering
RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) is also
known as “lead free” but this law deals with other five
substances as well:
• Lead
• Mercury
• Cadmium
• Hexavalent Chromium
• Polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs)
• Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBBs)
Particular emphasis is being placed on lead; lead is a
concern when released to the environment as it can cause
damage to the human body, it can also accumulate in the
environment and has acute and chronic effects on plants, animals and microorganism. Because of RoHS, manufacturers of electronic equipment will have to produce and deliver lead-free equipment; one of the first evidence of
this has been the development of lead free printed circuit boards (PBCs). Solder traditionally used ~ 60 % of tin (Sn) and ~ 40 % of lead (Pb), now alternative solder materials have been studied, the most common replacements for lead are silver (Ag), Copper (Cu) and Bismuth (Bi). These
alternative materials, however, bring a main challenge:
higher melting temperature. Traditional tin/lead solders melt at ~ 180 °C while lead free solder melts at ~ 227 °C.
Soldering temperatures, as well as heating issues, are
ongoing concerns for PCBs assemblers.
Galden® LS and HS grades for vapor phase soldering
offer the right lead free process solution:
• Galden® LS and HS fluids are RoHS compliant and can be sold in Europe
• Galden® LS and HS fluids offer the widest temperature range for lead free solders up to 260 °C
• Galden® LS and HS fluids precise vapor temperatures eliminate verheating
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